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Churches of Lancaster: Phone Book

I spent most of my day preparing for a seminar I will be teaching next semester, Lancaster: The Architecture of Faith. Among other things, my objective is to construct a complete picture of extant architectural evidence. One of the first exercises that the students will do is to complete a GIS database of all the religious communities practicing today and sort through the architectural spaces in which they worship. Then, we will move backwards in time, consulting Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, archival documents, photos, and genealogies from the Lancaster County Historical Society, the Franklin and Marshall Archive, and the Historic Preservation Trust. On the left, you see a 1925 Gothic Revival building we will study, the Otterbein United Methodist Church on Clay & Queen Streets.

So, where will we start? In order to take stock of the archaeological present, I compiled a list of all the religious structures listed in the telephone book (Lancaster County, Verizon Yellow Pages, 2008-2009), which will form the first assignment. In summary, there are 1 mosque, 3 synagogues, and 166 churches listed under Lancaster. There is also a Baha'i place of worship but not listed. The closest Buddhist temple is in Columbia, and the closest Hindu temple is in New Cumberland. Churches make the greatest sample, although most telephone entries do not correspond with a noteworthy piece of architecture. The phone book lists 38 different church categories: African Methodist Episcopal, Apostolic, Assembly Of God, Baptist, Baptist-Independent, Bible, Brethren, Campus Ministries, Catholic, Catholic-Charitable & Service Organizations, Catholic-Educational Institutions, Christian, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Christian Science, Church Of Christ, Church Of God, Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), Episcopal, Evangelical, Foursquare, Independent, Jehovah’s Witness, Lutheran, Mennonite, Metaphysical & New Age, Methodist, Multicultural & Multilingual, Nazarene, Nondenominational & Interdenominational, Orthodox-Greek, Eastern & Russian, Other Christian, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers), Seventh Day Adventist, Unitarian, United Church Of Christ, and Wesleyan.

The complete list of places of worship in Lancaster adds up to 170. For the first assignment, each student will be assigned 10 of the following listings and must conduct an architectural inspection. Here is the raw data, alphabetically organized, with street address and telephone number (are code 717). "XXX" indicates no address given.

Abbeyville Road Christian Church, 551 Abbeyville Rd, Lanc, 393-8821
Alpha & Omega Fellowship Church of the Brethren, 708 Wabank St, Lancaster, 295-3169
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, 64 Hershey Av, Lancaster, 394-1735
Assembly of Christian , 220 W King St, Lancaster City, 295-7539
Assembly Pentecostal Church Of Jesus Christ, 327 E King St, Lancaster, 295-7025
Bethany Presbyterian Church, 25 N West End Av, Lancaster, 393-2690
Bethel A M E Church, 450 E Strawberry St, Lancaster, 393-3580
Blossom Hill Mennonite Church, 333 Delp Rd, Lancaster, 569-5869
Breakout Ministries, 2423 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, 656-8366
Brethren In Christ Church-Lancaster,1865 Fruitville Pke, Lancaster, 569-5011
Brethren In Christ Church-Manor, 530 Central Manor Rd, Lancaster, 285-3138
Brethren In Christ Church, 1860 Harrington Pike, Lancaster, 569-6074
Bright Side Baptist Church, 515 Hershey Ave, Lancaster City, 295-9431
Calvary Baptist Church, 530 Milton Rd, Lancaster City, 299-6027
Calvary Chapel, 2215 Millstream Rd, Lancaster, 291-9711
Calvary Church, 1051 Landis Valley Rd, Lanc, 560-2341
Calvary Guest Room, 502 Elizabeth Dr, Lancaster, 393-8742
Celebrate Life Christian Church, 2501-B Oregon Pke, Lancaster, 581-1204
Central Baptist Church, 213 W King St, Lancaster, 393-4112
Christ Lutheran Church, 407 Lafayette St, Lancaster, 299-5639
Christ The King Community Church, 2449 Marietta Av, Lancaster, 397-7557
Christ United Methodist Church, 953 E Walnut St, Lancaster, 397-0541
Christadelphian Ecclesia, 60 Buch Av, Lancaster, 569-7236
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, 210 Pitney Rd, Lanc, 397-1121
Christian Association Vision For Today, 324 E King St, Lancaster, 392-1282
Church Of God, 25 N Lime St, Lancaster, 295-9944
Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Lancaster, 1200 E King St, 295-1157
Church of Jesus Christ Of, 540 1-2 Green St, Lancaster, 509-6967
Church of the Apostle UCC, 1850 Marietta Av, Lancaster, 392-5718
Church Of The Father Son & Holy Ghost, 535 1/2 Howard Av, Lanc, 393-0562
Community Fellowship Church, 200 Bethel Dr, Lancaster, 299-6505
Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster, 328 W Orange St, Lancaster, 392-7567
Community United Methodist Church, 130 Tennyson Dr, Lancaster City, 393-9182
Conestoga Drive Mennonite Church, N Conestoga Dr, Lancaster, 397-1812
Conestoga Valley Church of Christ, 2045 Horseshoe Rd, Lancaster, 393-4281
Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, 75 E James St, Lancaster City, 397-5575
Covenant United Methodist Church, 110 N Mulberry, Lancaster, 393-1561
Crossroads Mennonite Church, 420 S Christian St, Lancaster, 392-3713
Crossroads Wesleyan Church, 2323 Marietta Av, Lancaster, 295-4820
Crossroads Wesleyan Church, 2323 Marietta Av, Lancaster, 295-4820
Crown of Life Fellowship, XXX, Lanc, 293-8872
Degel Israel Congregration, 1120 Columbia Ave, Lancaster, 397-0183
Dial-A-Prayer, 29 E Walnut St, Lancaster, 393-5691
Door Christian Fellowship, 2160 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, 394-7977
East Chestnut Mennonite Church, 432 E Chestnut St, Lancaster, 392-3092
Ebenezer Baptist Church, 148 Locust St, Lancaster City, 392-4292
Eckankar Pennsylvania Satsang Society Center, 845 Columbia Av, Lancaster City, 394-9877
El Redentor United Methodist Church, 548 S Ann St, Lancaster, 394-1168
Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool, 540 W Walnut St, Lancaster, 397-6195
Faith Bible Fellowship Church, 151 Donerville Rd, Lancaster, 285-1900
Faith Calvary Church, 1501 Millersville Pk, Lanc, 291-9765
Faith Evangelical Congregational Church, 2124 Old Philadelphia Pke, Lancaster, 393-5345
Faith Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ, 665 S Ann St, Lancaster, 392-7062
Faith Tabernacle Church, 238 Lancaster Av, Lancaster, 392-3580
Faith United Church of Christ, 1204 Walbank Rd, Lancaster, 393-3431
Family History Center, 1200 E King St, Lancaster, 295-1719
First Baptist Church, N Duke & Frederick Sts, Lanc 392-8818
First Church Of Christ Scientist, 200 W Lemon St, Lanc, 394-3352
First Church of God, 344 W Chestnut St, Lancaster, 392-3181
First Deaf Mennonite Church, 2270 Old Philadelphia Pk, Lanc, 392-6698
First Presbyterian Church, 140 E Orange St, Lancaster, 394-6854
First Reformed Church-United Church Of Christ, 40 E Orange St, Lancaster, 397-5149
First Spanish Apostolic Church, 440 Chester St, Lancaster, 392-1451
First Spanish Assembly Of God, 626 S Duke St, Lancaster, 299-6717
First United Methodist Church, Duke & Walnut Sts, Lanc, 394-7231
Foursquare Gospel Church, 128 N Mulberry St, Lancaster, 397-1341
Friends Meeting Quaker, 110 Tulane Terr, Lancaster, 392-2762
Garber Jay C Rev, 2275 New Danville Pk, Lancaster, 872-6298
Ginger Stephen L Rev, 343 Sprecher Rd, Lancaster, 872-8994
Glad Tidings Temple, 41 Caroline St, Lancaster, 397-5661
Grace Brethren Church Of Greater Lancaster, 911 Rohrestwn Rd, Lancaster, 397-9991
Grace Church at Willow Valley, 300 Willow Valley Sq, Lancaster, 464-2782
Grace Evangelical Congregational Church, 415 S Shippen St, Lancaster, 393-0458
Grace Lutheran Church, 517 N Queen St, Lanc, 397-2748
Grace United Church of Christ, 1947 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, 397-1012
Hamilton Park United Church of Christ, 1210 Maple Av, Lancaster, 397-9791
Harvest Bible Church, 162 School House Rd, Lancaster, 397-4371
Harvest Presbyterian Church, 48 South Conestoga Dr, Lanc, 464-8755
Heart To Heart Ministry, 433 Chester St, Lancaster, 672-0360
Hempfield Methodist Church, 3050 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, 285-5156
Highland Presbyterian Church, 1801 Oregon Pke, Lancaster, 569-2651
Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, 3131 Columbia Ave, Lancaster, 394-6771
House of Bread Life Changing Ministries, 844 E Chestnut St, Lancaster, 295-7426
Iglesia Cristiana Carismatica Maranatha, 735 S Queen St, Lancaster City, 299-9219
Iglesia De Dios Pent Church, 102 S Prince St, Lancaster, 295-2435
In The Light Ministries, 415 S Shippen St, Lancaster, 293-9287
In The Light of Ministries-Children Ministry, 415 Shippen St, Lanc, 509-0177
Islamic Center of Lancaster, 739 W Vine St Lancaster, 391-6211
James Street Mennonite Church, 323 W James St, Lancaster, 397-6707
Jehovah’s Witness Lancaster PA East Congregation, 850 Hershey Ave, Lancaster, 392-4601
La Luz Del Mundo, 522 S Lime St, Lancaster, 397-6775
Lancaster Independent Baptist Church, 204 Butler Ave, Lancaster, 394-8500
Lancaster Metaphysical Chapel, 610 2nd St, Lanc, 399-4733
Lancaster Metaphysical Chapel, 610 2nd St, Lanc, 399-4733
Lancaster Mikvah, 1120 Columbia Av, Lancaster Twp, 293-0996
Lancaster Moravian Church, 1460 Eden Rd, Lancaster, 397-9722
Lancaster Seventh Day Adventist Church, 48 Conestoga Dr, Lanc, 394-4495
Lancaster Vineyard Church, XXX, Lancaster, 314-4720
Landis Valley Mennonite Church, 2420 Kissel Hill Rd, Lancaster, 569-6051
Laurel Street Mennonite Church, 301 Laurel St, Lancaster, 392-7527
Living Faith Church Of God, 2184 Old Philadelphia Pke, Lancaster, 290-7130
Living Hope Community Church, 2823 Columbia Av, Lanc 394-1500
Living Waters United Methodist Church, 209 Willow Valley Sq, Lancaster, 464-1062
Lord’s House of Prayer, 133 E Vine St, Lancaster, 396-0772
Lumina, 133 Pearl St, Lancaster, 394-8412
Lyndon Mennonite Church, 1930 Lyndon Av, Lancaster, 392-4412
Mellinger Mennonite Church, 1916 Lincoln Highway E, Lanc, 397-9360
Mennonite Spanish Church, 645 Harrison St, Lancaster, 393-4312
Mill Creek Bible, 270 Strasburg Pike, Lancaster, 391-7001
Millersville Bible Church, 1940 New Danville Pike, Lanc, 291-6471
New Danville Mennonite Church, 103 Marticville Rd, Lancaster, 872-8111
New Hope Bible Fellowship Church, Lanc, 397-2005
New Life Assembly of God, 1991 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, 394-4015
Newsong Fellowship Church, 609 Prospect, Lancaster, 393-9600
Oromo Evangelical Church, XXX, Lancaster, 393-8842
Otterbein United Methodist Church, 20 E Clay St, Lanc, 394-3755
Pearl Street United Methodist Church, 133 Pearl, Lanc, 393-8892
Pentecostal Missionary Church Inc, 537 Church St, Lancaster City, 481-2949
Pequea Brethren In Christ Church, 40 Church Rd, Lanc, 872-5679
Presbytery Of Donegal The, 1861 Charter Ln, Lancaster, 392-4035
Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana De Lancaster, 14 E Farnum St, Lancaster City, 207-0425
Ray’s Temple Church, S Ann & E End Av, Lancaster, 394-9163
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 500 Pearl St, Lancaster City, 394-0651
Rohrestown Mennonite Church, 601 Rohrestown Rd, Lancaster, 394-0203
Ross Street United Methodist Church, 312 E Ross St, Lancaster, 392-0179
Rossmere Mennonite Church, 741 Janet Av, Lancaster, 397-7854
Sacred Heart Church, 558 W Walnut St, Lancaster, 394-0757
Saint John Lutheran Church, Lancaster, 394-2881
Saint Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church, 700 Pleasure Rd, Lancaster, 394-9607
Saint Paul’s COGIC Church, 215 S Queen St, Lancaster, 394-7428
Salem UCC of Hellers, 2555 Horseshoe Rd, Lancaster, 656-9249
Salem United Church Of Christ Roherstown, 2312 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, 397-0141
Saltus Valier Rev, 18 E Farnum St, Lancaster City, 399-3430
Salvation Army, 131 S Queen St, Lancaster, 397-7565
SJB Parish Center, 123 Locust St, Lancaster, 283-0287
Souls For The Kingdom Fellowship, 1800 Lincoln Highway E, Lanc, 295-4512
St Andrew United Church of Christ, 701 N Lime St, Lancaster, 394-3311
St Anne’s Church, 929 N Duke St, Lancaster, 392-2225
St Anthony of Padua Church, 501 E Orange St, Lancaster, 394-0669
St Edwards Episcopal Church, 2453 Harrisburg Pk, Lancaster, 898-6276
St James Episcopal Church, 119 N Duke St, Lancaster, 397-4858
St John Neumann Catholic Church, 601 East Delp Rd, Lanc, 569-8531
St John The Baptist Church, 425 S Duke St, Lancaster, 392-4118
St John’s Episcopal Church, 321 W Chestnut St, Lancaster, 299-1188
St Joseph Health Ministries, 2135 Noll Dr, Lancaster, 397-7625
St Joseph’s Church, 440 St Joseph St, Lancaster, 397-6921
St Leo the Great Church, 2427 Marietta Av, Lancaster, 394-1742
St Luke’s United Church Of Christ, 719 Marietta Av, Lancaster, 392-7021
St Mary’s Church, 119 S Prince St, Lancaster, 392-2578
St Paul’s United Methodist Church, 10 W Farnum St, Lancaster, 393-3035
St Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 10 Delp Rd, Lanc, 569-9211
St Peter’s United Church Of Christ, 816 Buchanan Av, Lancaster, 397-8912
St Philip The Apostle Church Preschool, 2111 Millersville Pke, Lancaster, 842-2007
St Philip The Apostle Church Rectory, 2111 Millersville Pke, Lancaster, 872-2166
St Thomas Episcopal Church, 301 St Thomas Rd, Lancaster, 569-3241
Temple Beth El, 1836 Rotherstown Rd, Lancaster, 581-7891
The Universal Church, 343 N Charlotte St, Lancaster City, 299-1345
Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church, 322 Hershey Av, Lancaster City, 394-7913
Trinity Lutheran Church, 31 S Duke St, Lanc, 397-2734
Trinity Lutheran Church, 31 S Duke St, Lanc, 397-2734
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, 538 W Chestnut, Lancaster, 393-1733
United Pentecostal Church, 747 Centerville Rd, Lancaster, 892-7373
Victory Church, 1827 Freedom Rd, Lancaster, 239-5077
Victory Church, 1827 Freedom Rd, Lancaster, 239-5077
Vineyards Heritage Center, 2050 Columbia Av, Lanc, 394-9236
Walton Robert E, 741 Lafayette St, Lancaster City, 390-0310
West End Mennonite Fellowship, 20 N Charlotte St, Lancaster, 399-9120
Westgate Baptist Church, 2235 Old Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, 394-1071
Westminster Presbyterian Church, XXX, 569-2151
Wheatland Presbyterian Church, 1125 Columbia Ave, Lanc, 392-5909
Witmer Heights Mennonite Church, 2270 Old Philadelphia Pk, Lanc, 392-6698

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Diana Wright said...

The architecture of faith has been of great interest to me, partly as a preacher's kid, partly as a tourist, partly as a Byzantinist, and partly after moving to Seattle which is proudly the least-churched city in the US. This means that cues to which I am accustomed elsewhere are missing. And I think these are cues to the culture in general, though the responses are highly individual. The replacement is drive-through espresso places, which provide an interesting layering of architecture, but I think not the kind that brings me back to look.

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