Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Palmyra Stefania Geraki

I do not usually blog about individuals, especially individuals that I have never met. But the drawings of Palmyra Stefania Geraki compel me to praise the talents of this young architect. Geraki is one of the graduate students in the Rome: Continuity and Change studio currently on display at Yale Architecture School. Her final project is a six-part drawing of EUR, the grounds of the Esposizione Universale Roma (1935-1942). Geraki's sketchbooks, also on display, are meticulously precise. She uses an extra fine ink pen to outline and shade. On occasion, Geraki applies a wash, giving volume to the architectural forms. A drawing of the basilica of Maxentius, a staircase from EUR in orange-gray wash, an analytique of Saint Peter's piazza are my favorites. They would make a lovely collection of published images, but sadly they will most likely disappear from public view after the dismantling of Rome: Continuity and Change. Through a rudimentary web search, I have deduced that Geraki is from Thessaloniki. The metaphysical character of her drawings show elements of a Greek sensibility and a kind of Rationalism shared by Greek and Italian modernism. I look forward to seeing this young architect's work after grad school.

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