Monday, February 20, 2012

Cell Phone in Three Parts

Only a few months after its completion, the landscaping of Lancaster's train station is beginning to accumulate the shreds of material occupation. This afternoon, I picked up three broken parts of what was once a single cell phone, scattered over the course of about 5 feet. Almost exactly two years ago, I had picked up two fragments of a phone not far from here, see Pink Cell phone (Lancaster Object 001-002). What is it about the proximity of a train station that provokes cell phone disposal? Below, I started wandering through the interior landscape of the broken cell phone. I was particularly amused by the fourth line of the upper right text, "For more information call 1-888-987-4357." And for greater resolution click images below.Lancaster Object 009, 010, 011
Location: 40° 03'14.49"N, 76°18'29.84"W
Water Street, nr. King Street
Date: February 20, 2012

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