Sunday, May 02, 2010

On the Sunday News

What an honor to appear in Lancaster's newspaper. Paula Wolf's article, "Studying the Shrines," was published in this weeks' Sunday News (May 2, 2010), see here.

I have intentionally not blogged on my class "Lancaster: Architecture of Faith" so as not to influence my students in their own blog enterprise (see here). Final papers are still due, so I won't give anything away but simply thank Lancaster's community for welcoming our research in their daily lives. Each congregation has helped in its own way and has given students generous access to archives and resources.

I also want to thank Dulcey Antonucci (F&M Media Relations) and Paula Wolf (Sunday News) for finding our project newsworthy. Amidst buildings falling down and the economic crisis putting a frieze on projects throughout town, the focus on architectural history is admirable. Thank you for highlighting the seminar. It has been an incredible experience for me (and I hope for the students, too). The photo above is by Blaine T. Shahan/Sunday News.

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Jeff Geoghan said...

Frieze! Nice...

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